4 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving


The coveted Thanksgiving holiday feast is right around the corner for you and your family! We know your dinner table will be full of yummy foods but keep in mind that if you choose to pass some of those leftovers to your furry friend, it may be harmful.

Around this time of year, the number of people calling to get a visit at their veterinarian’s office increases dramatically. You don’t want to find yourself in this position because you’ve allowed your dog to feast right along with you and as a result, digestive issues arose.

There is no doubt that your beloved pet enjoys this time of year as much as you do. With the bits of this and that falling on the kitchen floor and fabulous odors coming from the stove – it’s almost irresistible! However, a word of advice: Do not let this become a free for all for Fido. Here are few tips to follow during Thanksgiving that will help you prevent a trip to the vet:

  1. Hide the onions. Onions are very toxic for dogs so if Grandma’s favorite dressing or Aunt Betty’s gravy includes onions, do not allow your dog to partake in any of these tasty delights.
  2. Avoid Sage. Keep this and all herbs out of reach so you can prevent your dog from having an upset stomach, diarrhea or even worse.
  3. Keep away the turkey bones. Turkey bones should strictly be avoided. Make sure the turkey carcass and all bones are disposed of somewhere far out of reach from your best friend.
  4. Protect adult beverages. Any beverage that is placed where your dog can reach is a tempting treat for your furry friend. As everyone is mingling, keep an eye on where you place your drinks.

With all the hustle and bustle, comings and goings, and the excitement that comes along with Thanksgiving, it’s imperative to know what your dog is up to. In preparation for the big day, the best thing to do is to go for a long walk or play fetch until your pooch is tried. By doing so, your best friend will be happy and ready to lounge with all of your guests when its time to eat, watch the football game and take that long-anticipated Thanksgiving nap!


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