Concerns for Your Pet’s Aging & Health

Aging Animals

Dogs and cats are living longer because they are receiving superior veterinary care, involved in more exercise and have access to better nutrition. Because of this, pet owners are experiencing more age related problems with their best friends – including joint issues and increased allergy-related concerns.

Supplements are becoming more and more popular in dealing with joint and allergy problems. These supplements can provide relief for obesity, age related or climate-related issues. One of the biggest issues with supplements (or with any type of pill) is trying to get your best friend to actually take it! Taste and smell are very important to animals so you’ve probably tried techniques like peanut butter, flavored pill pockets, cheese, etc. In order for your dog to consistently and willingly take their supplements, the supplement itself must appeal to them.

NuVetOne of the top supplement companies and most recommended supplements available is produced by NuVet Labs. Their NuVet Plus formula has worked extremely well for our personal dog, Angel. She lives outside and has done so for the past four years. During this time, she’s suffered from allergies and hotspots. In less than 90 days, her scratching, itching and extreme licking has ceased and she no longer suffers from these symptoms.

NuVet Labs also has a joint specific formula called NuJoint Plus that helps offer natural hip and joint therapy. It is essentially two products in one – it helps support joint fluid and soft tissue while also decreasing inflammation.

After Angel’s success with NuVet, we have decided to start offering both of these products here at Regal Pet Resort! You can stop by and pick up NuVet pamphlets and products displayed on our lobby counter or visit to order online!


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