How To Keep Your Dog On A Schedule: Benefits of Doggie Day Care

Benefits of Doggie Day Care

Most dogs find it comforting to follow a daily routine. Maintaining a consistent schedule eliminates a lot of the frustration that can come with owning a pet; especially this time of year when your schedule is changing now that summer is over!

Dogs, much like humans, are creatures of habit. They find comfort in following a set schedule. Since they rely on us for their well being, it is our responsibility to schedule their day by structuring daily activities. Fun things like doggie day care are a great way to keep your dog active while you’re at work or keeping up with the kids during the day.

Benefits of Doggie Day Care:

  • Relief from boredom or loneliness and the anxiety that comes along with either (including separation anxiety)
  • Socialization with people
  • Exercise and socialization with other dogs
  • Prevention of destructive behavior in the house when unsupervised

Is Daycare Right for Your Dog?

An ideal candidate for daycare is healthy, spayed or neutered and preferably a dog who enjoys other dogs. If your dog is a regular at dog parks, and he/she plays a lot there, then daycare is probably ideal for your pet!

However, if your dog has ever bitten another dog; is regularly aggressive toward other dogs (snarling, growling or snapping); is fearful, tense or anxious; or tends to avoid other dogs, then daycare is probably not right for him or her. Hiring a dog walker, asking friends or neighbors to visit your dog in the middle of the day may be better options for you.

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