Facility Tour

Our new facility was designed to ensure that your beloved pet is safe, comfortable, and secure while in our care. We instill standardized best practices and advanced technology to accomplish this.

  • At the Regal Pet Resort, we deliver the royal treatment your pet deserves; with us it’s the red carpet treatment all the way.
  • How? A unique air scrubbing device that does not just trap contaminates in a ‘filter’ but destroys them, while also disinfecting and deodorizing the air. This system produces no ozone or other chemicals while also providing protection against airborne illnesses. We have 5 of these devices throughout our facility to ensure your pet breathes nothing but clean fresh healthy air.
  • All suites are equipped with elevated beds to ensure your pet is comfortable, clean, and dry.
  • K9 Bytes software to track all of your pet’s activities and any special needs including medical needs.
  • Soothing music piped into all suites at a low volume.
  • Climate control temperature with 21 tons of AC.
  • Behavioral and medical health screening which includes Day Care evaluation, verification of current vaccinations, and good health resort check in.
  • Sanitary meal preparation for gourmet meals and special need guests.
  • Redundant entry/exit doors and perimeter fencing to ensure the safety and security of each guest at all times.
  • 24/7 monitored security / fire system including hallway motion detectors.