How To Locate A Missing Pet

How To Locate A Missing Dog

You just discovered your dog is missing and you’re wondering what to do next! Follow these steps…

  1. Get out and start looking for your pet as soon as you notice he or she is missing. Ask friends, family members and neighbors to assist you on foot and attempt to cover a 3 mile radius. If possible, take their favorite toy and treat with you in hopes that this will attract them closer to you. Also, if you have another dog in the family, take him or her with you while searching. The sight or sound of this familiar animal might bring your missing pet toward you.
    If, while out searching, you do see your missing dog, do not begin to chase it. They may become playful or scared and run even further away. Instead, use a soft voice and try to coax them to you with the treat, toy or other pet.
  2. While you’re out on foot, have a family member or friend make phone calls to animal shelters, veterinary offices, local rescues and the local humane society.
  3. Create a poster with an identifiable photo and specific description of your pet. Include things like the description of their collar and any distinct features of your pet so a stranger could easily identify your pet.
  4. If 24 hours has expired with no luck of locating your pet, extend your search by taking posters to veterinary offices, pet stores, shelters, grocery stores, playgrounds, parks, etc.
  5. Utilize social media sites and specialized websites in order to maximize the amount of people that are aware your pet is missing. We recommend the Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock, TX Facebook page and the website
  6. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a flyer to us – we’ll help you get the word out too!

Remember that prevention is the best way to make sure your pet never goes missing. If you haven’t already, get your pet microchipped as soon as possible. Also make sure the fencing and gates around your backyard are secure and in tip-top shape.

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