Why It’s Imporant To Socialize Your Furry Friend

Pets Socializing As one way to nurture your best friend, socialization should be considered. We believe it’s a necessity in developing a well-adjusted and well-mannered dog. The earlier you introduce this concept, the more beneficial it will be for your dog.

We recommend acquainting your dog to many different experiences as young and as early as possible. The more positive exposures you can involve your pup in, the more psychologically developed they will be as they mature. Additionally, the more your dog is surrounded by new people and activities, the more healthier, confident and secure he or she will be. Be sure to consider that you’ll want your dog to experience all types of people varying from children to the elderly. Introduce them to people with beards, or those that wear hats and even those that are loud! Take them to places like the store, the drive thru or for a walk where there are other dogs or people to interact with. Keep in mind that all experiences should be fun and safe. You don’t want to turn something fun into a bad experience so allow your best friend to proceed at their own pace.

Regal Pet Resort is a fantastic place for dogs of all ages – even those that haven’t been socialized! We would love for you to bring your best friend out for a day of socializing and fun at our daycare. We have a great group of regular daycare guests that always love to welcome new guests! Also, keep a lookout for our new 3,000 square ft. indoor playground to open late summer or early fall!

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