What To Do With Summertime Ticks

Ticks During Summertime

Summertime and the harsh heat have returned. You know what this means: Dreaded ticks! Here in Lubbock, we’ve been told by many local vets that the amount of ticks surfacing this summer will be worse than last summer due to the lack of winter moisture and hard freezes. So, what should you do to prevent these critters from appearing at your home?

  1. Spray your yard, alley, dog house and fences with a tick deterrent. We spray the yard at our home quarterly and we actually have the pet resort professionally treated once a month.
  2. Consider monthly treatment of Advantix, Frontline or other prevention treatment. Regal Pet Resort always suggests you visit with your vet before starting any treatment for your animal.
  3. If you have tall grass or weeds, cut them back. Ticks love to hide out in tall grass. Cutting it down takes away one of their favorite hiding places.

When it comes to ticks, prevention is always the best remedy but what should you do if you actually find a tick on your best friend?

  1. After your pet spends any time outside, make sure and inspect him or her thoroughly. Pay special attention to the top of head, inside the ears, underneath the arms and behind the knees.
  2. If you find a tick on your pet, take tweezers and get as close to your pet’s skin as possible. Then pull at a steady pace straight up – you’ll want to remove the tick’s body and head with one pulling motion.
  3. After you have removed the complete tick, you will want to apply an antibiotic ointment to the affected area and make sure a rash does not develop. If a rash does develop or if the area does not heal, go the vet immediately to ensure your best friend did not contract Lyme disease from the tick bite.

Always remember prevention first, inspection second, and removal third. Have a safe and tick-free summer!

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